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3rd grader ends up in adult chat room on...

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. – A parent in the Shawnee Mission School District questions the district’s screening program on devices given to students. Traci Higbee said her third-grade son, Logan, somehow ended up in an adult chat room on his district-issued device while doing virtual learning the week last. “I was horrified, you know, he was […]

Little giraffe born at Cheyenne Mountain...

[ad_1] Colorado-built Lucy Spaceship Blasts into SpaceThe Colorado-built Lucy spacecraft takes off into space from Cape Canaveral. 5 hours ago Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Vehicle struck by debris during traffic stopAn Arapahoe County sheriff’s vehicle was struck by debris during a traffic stop on I-70. 5 hours ago 1 Rescued from a burning building in […]

Osprey out: Live camera owner says we’ll

[ad_1] Grand Lake’s Osprey Camera captured a pair of osprey that hatched three chicks this summer, all of which learned to fly and fish in front of tens of thousands of viewers. The birds have migrated south for the winter, but are expected to return in April.Courtesy of Kent Roorda Like a hit TV series […]

Baby Otter Livestream at Melbourne Zoo

[ad_1] Admit it, we all have a thing for adorable mammals and otters are probably one of them. With large eyes and a short, fluffy physique, many people see otters as friendly mammals. But while we may not be able to visit the zoo to see these cute creatures, Victoria Zoo virtually brings them to […]

A chat room for Age of Empires II animal...

[ad_1] screenshot courtesy of SCRNPRNT In 2020, scenic nature is everywhere in video games. Take Ghost of Tsushima, an open world frolicking across the pampas fields of 13th-century Japan, or the wildlife-filled islands of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Part of their appeal (admittedly with very different vibrations) is the pastoral fantasy; they provide safe havens […]