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Lil Nas X Slipped Into Chat Room With Ne...

[ad_1] UnderWonder content Lil Nas X posted a striking new video for his self-reflective “Call Me By Your Name” earlier last week, and it sparked tons of controversy. The music video creates plenty of allusions to the Bible with hints of Greek mythology – not that many noticed because Biblical imagery is all everyone is […]

Maryland Zoo Now Offers Live Zebra and O...

[ad_1] Courtesy of the Maryland Zoo website Watch the African Watering Hole from your computer screen! When the whole world shut down in the wake of COVID-19, listening to the Maryland Zoo live webcams have become a boon. Lucky for us, they put two more animals in the queue. A hint: they both come from […]

LoopChat announces the release of Campus...

[ad_1] BERKELEY, Calif., March 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – LoopChat, the leading university social media platform, today announced the release of Campus Lounge, a voice chat room feature now available in the LoopChat app. This marks an important step in ensuring that the different university communities on LoopChat come together at all times of […]

Clubhouse celebrates Verzuz’s 1st annive

[ad_1] What do you do when the music platform you created with your best friend celebrates its first anniversary? You have a party for it on Clubhouse, the latest mobile social media app! That’s right, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s original idea, Verzuz, started a year ago this week when the pandemic shutdown began. Starting with […]

Kate Chastain reveals why she left Bravo...

[ad_1] Getty Kate Chastain in 2020 Old Under the bridge Star Kate chastain is finally frankly saying his exit from Bravo’s chat room. The show currently presents The real housewives of the Potomac Star Gizelle bryant, Summer house Star Hannah Berner, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsche williams. By appearing on the What […]

Live Camera Broadcast: Watch South and C...

[ad_1] It’s another great day to go in search of surfing along the southern half of Florida’s east coast. There is more NE swell mid-season in the water creating a third consecutive day of head-up and bigger surf with mostly clean conditions south of Cape Canaveral. Winds have improved for North Florida compared to the […]

Twitter ‘Spaces’ is here and it’s an aud

[ad_1] Have you ever listened to a podcast and thought if you were listening to this conversation while it was happening LIVE what would you ask the panelist or the host? Well, let’s introduce a new “space” on the internet that will take over conversations and give you a whole new social media experience! Twitter […]

Live camera: Big Bear bald eagle egg “ha

[ad_1] This is an archived article and the information in the article may be out of date. Please look at the history’s timestamp to see when it was last updated. One of two eggs belonging to the resident pair of Big Bear bald eagles starting to hatch Thursday night. “We have a glitch! Hatching in […]

Man gets three years for running chat ro...

[ad_1] Former Old Dominion University student John Kirby Kelley, 20, was sentenced to 33 months in prison for conspiracy involving neo-Nazis A former Virginia college student who partnered with white supremacists in a massive plot to target a black church, his own alma mater and then Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, […]

Has Kate Chastain been fired from the “B

[ad_1] Kate Chastain is out Bravo chat room. In February, Bravo announced that the Under the bridge alum leaves the show after one season. However, Kate did not announce it herself. Instead, the cable network she was leaving the show behind. But she is still the creator and producer of the series. Summer house star […]

Twitter’s ‘Space’ audio chat feature cou

[ad_1] PF trendMarch 12, 2021 1:04:26 PM IST It’s only been a week since Twitter launched a beta of its audio chat room feature called Spaces for Android users. The Clubhouse-like feature was introduced on iOS during a testing phase in January and now Twitter is working on going public with Spaces by next month. […]

Why Kate Chastain Left ‘Bravo’ Chat Room

[ad_1] Summer house Hannah Berner star revealed why Kate Chastain stepped out Bravo chat room. His absence from Season 2 came as a shock to fans. Kate and Hannah were both co-hosts on the new nighttime show. However, Kate left without making a statement to fans. Some speculated that there was some drama among the […]

The Chat Room: Hong Kong in the eyes of ...

[ad_1] No challenge will defeat Hong Kong’s prosperity and the Special Administrative Region’s ability to turn moments of sadness into a “golden age” – even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Resilience is a word that comes up over and over again in conversations about Hong Kong, which in recent times has seen many twists and turns […]